Dear Beryl..

To my Grandmother on Mother's Day..

For those of you who have followed Berjoan for a little while, you may already know what, or who, is behind the name of our brand. My grandmother's name was Beryl Joan.

When I was thinking about launching Berjoan, I was often reflecting on those pieces that I had in my wardrobe that belonged to her, and why I had chosen to keep those specific pieces, that continued to work so well for me and my wardrobe as the years passed by. It often came down to that special something about how the fabric made me feel - the texture, the colour. And the versatility of the shape of the garment. It was about how these fabrics, colours and shapes transcended age, and trends. It was about how they felt and made me feel when I put them on - easy, but with details that elevated my look and mood. 

This is the ethos behind every Berjoan piece. 

Designed to be cherished, and shared, between Mother and Daughter, Grandmother and Grandaughter.