Why We Love Gingham

From Brigette Bardot’s infamous pink wedding dress and Dorothy Gale’s pinafore in the Wizard of Oz, from tablecloths and curtains, to 1960s mods and Comme de Garçons. Gingham has had many faces since arriving in the UK in the mid 18th century.

What does Gingham mean to you?

To me, Gingham is the epitome of humble domesticity. That nostalgia of gingham tablecloths, napkins, curtains, a picnic blanket in the sun..the comfort of the familiar. 

We sourced our organic cotton gingham from a small French mill who have full traceability and creating timeless fabrics for small businesses at heart. 

Available now in blouses, tops, dresses and skirts, our gingham pieces are designed to co-ordinate, layer and go-alone. Made in London in small scale batches.

Timeless pieces designed to be cherished.