Garment Care

Natural Fibres

At Berjoan, we are committed to the use of low-impact natural fibres from sustainable sources. This means that our fabrics and yarns are not subjected to harsh chemical treatments, such as ‘superwash’ treatments which de-scale wool fibres allowing them to be machine washed for example. Though we recognise that such treatments are designed to make caring for your garment easier and in some cases, to extend the lifecycle of your garment, we believe that the negative environmental impacts of these chemical treatments outweigh the garment care benefits. We therefore prefer to eliminate these treatments from our supply chain and offer consistent and in-depth advice to our customers on how to best care for your garments. 

Natural fibres contain a specific protein called keratin. This keratin is very useful for moths to convert into useful nutrients, which is why clothing and other household textiles made from natural fibres often fall victim to moths! Therefore, we recommend storing your Berjoan garments in moth-resistant garment bags or use natural moth repellents such as cedar wood and lavender.  


Given that we only use low-impact natural fibres that have not been subjected to harsh chemical treatments, we advise that all of our knitwear pieces are washed by hand in cool water with a delicate detergent and air dried flat. Machine washing and drying subjects the fibres to harsh agitation and heat which can damage the knit. Soft wool yarns are prone to pilling, even when using those of the highest quality. Remove any pills with a wool comb. Care should be taken to protect your knitwear from sharp items or jewellery that may catch or snag. Hanging can damage and stretch your knitwear, therefore we recommend that you store flat.


We do not recommend that you tumble dry any of your Berjoan pieces as the high heat and agitation can damage the natural fibres from which your garment is made. Air drying, either hanging or flat is much better for your garment and also uses very little energy! 

Dry Cleaning

Due to the high level of toxic chemicals used, we generally do not recommend dry cleaning for any of our products. However, if a dry-cleaning service is used, we recommend GreenEarth® cleaning through Johnsons

Berjoan is a Ginetex member, the internationally recognised association for textile care labelling. As well as using the globally recognised Ginetex wash care symbols, we also include the Ginetex symbol. was developed by Ginetex to educate consumers about the environmental impacts of garment laundering and offer a guide of how to reduce our environmental impact when doing so.